David D. Hack

As Featured on the Registry of the American Soldier

US Wings CEO SFC David Hack is listed in the Registry of the American Soldier , which is managed by the Army Historical Foundation of Arlington, VA. Entries contain details of the soldier's service for their descendants and future generations to see. US Wings encourages all soldiers to register themselves or a relative; spouses, parents, children & friends can also enroll Army veterans, including those who are deceased.

The registry serves as an essential historical link between those who served and the American public, so if you're an Army veteran (or have a loved one who served in the Army), please consider submitting an entry for the Registry. For more information, please visit the Registry of the American Soldier webpage. For more info on SFC David Hack, please visit the website.



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Served in the Army from April 1964 to September 1973. Served in Vietnam from March 1, 1968 and was medivaced out on September 13, 1968. Assigned to USARC and recruited the most during his time at USARC. Retired as SFC E-7.

Prior to the Army, Hack served in the Coast Guard for four years specializing in small boats and security.

Photo circa September 1973.

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DD-214 | Form 4 | DA Form 20